Friday, 13 July 2007

Real Madrid, I Hate You!

I have to admit, Real Madrid is MY team, my favourite team, my childhood team, the team I worship. And it pains me to see what Real Madrid has been doing all this while. I can't wait for the transfer season to end, because I don't see any player coming that I would like to see. I cannot see how Real Madrid can challenge Barcelona in the upcoming season. And here is why.

Where is Capello?
Well, if there is one thing the management of Real Madrid likes, it is to sack coaches. Win things and we sack you after one season. Lose against Barcelona and you lose your job the next day. Start losing and we are still going to sack you. We had probably the best coach in Spain and we sack him when he wins the Spanish La Liga after a four year drought. He gave us a reason to believe that we can win after conceding a goal and he loses his job. Well, at least he knows he will have a huge paycheck and the likes of Jose Antonio Camacho, Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Mariano García Remón, Vicente del Bosque and Carlos Queiroz have all been sacked before him. At least he lasted one whole season. And his replacement - Bernd Schuster. Oh, the guy whose team went to the Nou Camp and got thrashed by Barcelona?

Where is Kaka?
Ever since Zidane left, we have lacked a natural playmaker to dictate play. Kaka could have been a natural replacement - someone who has both the profile and the skills to match possibly the most famous soccer club in the world. Guti is simply too inconsistent to do the job. At times, he looks like someone who can do the impossible. Most of the time, he is busy complaining to the referee. But I guess AC Milan is never going to let Kaka go. But what about Cesc Fabregas? Well, he looked like a possible replacement and given Arsenal's turmoils, it seemed like there couldn't be a better time to rob the London club of their prize assets. That was until Arsene Wenger stepped in and persuaded Fabregas the London club is the best place for him. So we are left with no one again.

Contrast this with our arch-enemy, Barcelona. They lost the Spanish Cup to Getafe in one of the biggest upset of the season. They failed to defend both their Champions League and La Liga championship titles. And what did they do next? They shocked the world by buying Thierry Henry, Yaya Toure, Eric Abidal and Gabriel Milito. One is Arsenal's all-time leading goal scorer. Another is one of the best defenders in La Liga last season. Yaya Toure is an upcoming midfield prospect while Eric Abidal - he can only enhance Barcelona's defence.

I have had enough. Why did I support this club in the first place?

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