Friday, 13 July 2007

Why Chelsea And Daniel Alves Are A Good Fit

  1. Khalid Boulahrouz is going to Sevilla, so Daniel Alves can go to Chelsea
  2. Geremi is not going to work as a right wingback
  3. Essien can be a right wingback, but you don't spend money on a star central midfielder to play him as a defender
  4. Lassana Diara is not going to work as a right wingback
  5. Only Chelsea can satisfy Sevilla's thirst for money
  6. Paulo Ferreira is a LOUSY right wingback
  7. Daniel Alves can contribute to the attack when Chelsea needs to chase games
  8. Daniel Alves is one of the best right wingbacks on the market, Chelsea needs someone to help them win the Champions League
  9. Daniel Alves is not African and he won't be gone for a good part of next season
  10. And lastly...Mourinho likes Daniel Alves :)

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