Friday, 13 July 2007

Iraq 3-1 Australia

Well done Iraq. 3-1.

The Australians look flustered. Time is running out.

9 more minutes. Still no progress. Australia, is it too early to say bye bye to you guys. Think on the bright side, at least you guys can finally take a well-deserved (?) break.

10 more minutes. Australia doesn't seem to be able to string together any attack.

Sometimes, some people just need a rude wakeup call. Australia included.

I hope Australia loses.

Guess who has been attacking in the last 10 minutes - Iraq.

Iraq missed another glorious chance. Hit the crossbar.

15 more minutes. I have nothing left to say. Australia looks to be losing.

Less than 20 minutes of normal time left.

A little bit of statistic. Australia has 58 percent of possession. Doesn't really matter though. They are still losing.

Archie Thompson has come on for Culina. He is the current world record holder for most goals scored in a game - 13 goals. The ozzies do not need 13, they just need 2. I don't think an equaliser is good enough for them.

A glorious...MISS by the Australians.

Viduka has been thinking - I work so hard to get an equaliser and my defenders give away easy chances to Iraq.

Iraq missed a golden chance to make it a 3-1 scoreline.

30 more minutes of regular time.

European defenders...hmmm....Australia - you DISAPPOINT me.

The unthinkable has happened. Iraq 2-1.

The green and yellows have been attacking relentlessly. As a result, Iraq's strikers have been reduced to sweeping up dust.

35 minutes left for the game to produce a winner.

Ouch! Viduka slipped at the crucial moment.

Another close miss. This time by Cahill.

A close miss by Viduka in the 50+ minute.

Number 4 Tim Cahill looks to be the catalyst of all the change of fortune for the Ozzies.

The Australians look to be on a rampage. But as the saying goes, possession is nothing without the goals.

A 1-1 draw just doesn't seem to benefit anyone right now. There needs to be a winner in this game.

Soccer is a confidence game - I hope we are seeing a momentum shift towards the Australians.

46th min: Game on! The Australian substitute scores! And guess who it is - Timmy Cahillllll!
Correction - Cahill had a part but it was Viduka who scored with a header.

You know what, enough about Australia. Iraq deserves the credit for keeping Australia out. On paper, Australia is the stronger team. And Australia has no reason not to do well today. They are aware Iraq is a stronger opposition than Oman. They have had plenty of time to climatize. They know they need to score and win to preserve their chance of advancing. If they don't win today, give Iraq full credit and thumbs down for Australia. If Australia can manage a comeback, then well done to the team.

The Australians look depressed. Their fans look slightly subdued. Things are not looking good for the "best" team in Asia. The big question - what will the coach do? Is Tim Cahill coming on? Mark Bresciano looks to be the best player on the pitch for the Ozzies. But only just. They have had a couple of free kicks but failed to convert any of their chances. Forget all that hype about Australia and their Europe-based players. If they can't perform today, I don't care if they have had no rest after the end of the European leagues. To me, they are just not good enough.

Beep! Half-time! Iraq goes into the break with a one goal advantage. The Australian coach has a lot to work on during the break.

2 minutes of extra time.

I wonder whether the Australians know their reputation is on the line here.

Edging towards the half-time mark, there is currently a commotion on the pitch right now. The Australians don't look too happy.

The way things are standing right now, Australia is 3rd in the table, on top of Oman only on goal difference.

Time is slowing creeping towards the half-time mark.
Australia has been flirting around the Iraq penalty box but nothing has come out of it.

3rd chance that Viduka has wasted!

10 minutes of regular time before half-time. The score is still the same. A one goal advantage for Iraq.

It is currently one-way Australian traffic right now, but possession doesn't count for anything without the goals.

Viduka has had a couple of chances but has not been able to get his shots on target.

The Australians need a goal before half-time. They have been getting a lot of free kicks but nothing has come out of those set-pieces.

Half an hour has passed. It is still 1-0.

The Aussies do not seem to be doing their pride or reputation any good with their current results.

My prediction is that Cahill will be coming off the bench in the 2nd half.
This is becoming a rude awakening for the Aussies.

Is Australia heading out of the Asian Cup?

Mark Schwarzer cannot believe it.

21st min.
GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Iraq has just scored. 1-0.

A little bit of history. Iraq was knocked out of the last Asian Cup by China with a score of 3-0 in the round of 8.

Iraq had more of the earlier chances, but Australia is playing better than when they started against Oman.

Viduka just sent a header wide.

10+ minutes: Schwarzer made a routine save from a Iraq free kick.

Kewell and Viduka are on the pitch.
Cahill is still on the bench this time round.
Patrick Kisnorbo is playing on the right hand side of defense.

The Australian team is in green and yellow.
Iraq is in white.
12 minutes has passed us by.

Why does Australia's defence still look at shaky as ever?
Haven't they been put through some tough training?

10 minutes and it is still nil nil.
Neither side showing any flair at the moment.

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