Friday, 20 July 2007

The Players and Coaches Real Madrid Rejected

Fans of this blog will know me as a Real Madrid supporter, someone who supported the club right after Ronaldo's transfer to the club in 2002. Those were the glory days - remember that guy who scored that volley in Glasgow? What about the side that went to Old Trafford and that striker who scored a hat-trick that night. Enough of that. I am not here to praise the side, but rather criticize them for a lot of silly things they have done and a lot of missed opportunities we let go. So here goes.

  1. David Beckham. I don't think I need to elaborate too much on that.
  2. Christiano Ronaldo. I mentioned this to a couple of people but they kind of forgot. Before this season, when Ronaldo was the most hated guy in England after the World Cup, he was actually begging (and I mean it, he was literally begging) to go to Spain. Real Madrid didn't want him. Calderon wanted Kaka (so where is Kaka now) instead and guess who has the foresight to ignore all that was being said, insisted Ronaldo was untouchable and sent his trusted aide - Carlos Quieroz to persuade Ronaldo to stay. Well, the rest, as they say is history. Dear Sir Alex Ferguson, I say this with all due respect - you were the main reason Man Utd got back their title last season. People tend to forget, but I will never forget it.
  3. Gabriel Milito. It gets my blood boiling as I type this out. So instead, let me quote this recent Reuters article - "The Argentine joined Zaragoza from Independiente in 2003 for £1.75million after a move to Barca's arch-rivals Real Madrid fell through at the last minute. Real pulled out of the £2million deal citing concerns over a knee ligament injury the player suffered in 2001. Asked if he considered the move a form of revenge against Real, Milito replied: 'No. We have to forget about the past. 'I have always wanted to come here and I hope I can repay the club on the pitch for the confidence they have shown in me.'".
  4. Samuel Eto. Guess who sold Eto to Barcelona and thus ignited Barcelona's La Liga streak. I guess Florentino Perez wasn't all to blame. He had Ronaldo and Raul then and Real Madrid just won their 29th La Liga. But...sigh.
I can't think of any more off-hand but I can remember a couple of coaches as well - Del Bosque and Capello for instance. Will continue when I feel more relaxed!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Video Recollection

Thanks to YouTube, some things will never be forgotten.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Ayala Joins The Zaragoza Revolution

I told you Zaragoza was a good and more importantly, smart side. I mentioned yesterday the Spanish side's strategy was signing unwanted star players from the bigger teams. And before you know it - Zaragoza signs Ayala. Unwanted at Valencia but a defender legend in his own right, I believe Ayala still has a few more years left in him. He will probably not be able to keep up with the likes of Henry and Eto, but his experience and his superb reading of the game is matched by few in the world.

China 2-2 Iran

Full-time. Entertaining game. Would have been unfair for either side to lose.

74 min: Warning signs. China is cracking under extreme pressure.

When you are a good side and you are 2-1 up with 35 minutes left, DON'T DEFEND. China is doing that just.

The half-time score was 2-1. China was the more impressive side but they were extremely careless to concede a goal right at the stroke of half-time.