Friday, 13 July 2007

Does Beckham Have Anything Else To Offer - Yes

Can the English star convert Americans to soccer addicts? No.
Can he change LA Galaxy's fortune. Yes.

We are talking about a country that is obsessed with sports. Their traditional sports anyway. The NFL, MLB, NBA and even the NHL. These are the ones people tune in to on Friday nights. Will they be tempted to switch channels to watch Beckham's debut. If Tom Cruise is among the audience. Probably. Will the LA Times have anything on the game. I guess so. Will their eyes grow sleepy after a few minutes and decide soccer just ain't for them. Well, I am pretty sure they will. Forget about the global appeal of the most famous star that has even put on a pair of soccer boots (or a pair of Adidas Predator boots for that matter). This is the United States of America. It doesn't bother them when they are the only nation out there that still doesn't recognise Beckham on the streets. And that is where Mr Beckham may just finally realise his limits.

On the other hand, I really believe the guy has a lot to offer on the soccer pitch. You can say all you want about his off-pitch endorsement deals and star appearances. On the pitch, I have rarely seen the star not give his very best. He still is the best crosser of ball on the planet and he may lack the dreamy dribbling skills of Robinho and Ronaldo, but there really is no doubt as to whether the Galaxy will be a better team with him around. Not enough to make them the champions but probably enough to help their climb up the table. My only worry - unrest in the dressing room. I hope it ain't another West Ham - Tevez - Mascherano tale. But then Beckham has always been quiet sort of leader who leaves everyone alone. So my guess is that these are undue worries on my part.

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